Tim Hawkinson directed Sweater, a collaboration between himself and six other artists - Michele Jaquis, Arthur Pembleton, Sharon Kagan, Meeson Pae Yang, Neil Fenn and Sophia Allison. The piece was exhibited at Gallery 825 in 2006 and purchased by Ace Gallery.

“With a nod to Eva Hesse and a distinct (though not overpowering) echo of Hawkinson’s own convoluted contraptions, the piece has a weird, organic delicacy that encourages exploration, drawing the viewer into its fold. The material is strong enough to hold its shape (with the help of a few wires and some monofilament) but looks like it would crumble to the touch, as if produced in some fantastic growth spurt but now on the verge of deterioration. The fact that it is shifting over time - responding to fluctuations in temperatures and sagging under its own weight - underscores its air of organic vitality.”

Excerpt from the article by Holly Myers,  “Close-knit ‘Sweater’ Teamwork,” Los Angeles Times, July 14, 2006

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