"Another important aspect to Kagan’s work is the rather blurred distinction between the micro and macro factor or element one may see in her imagery. As with much of her work, there is a thin line between our perceptions of her art, whether or not we see her works as something akin to an electron microscope image of some miniscule world, or the birth of a star in our ever-expanding visible universe. And it is this line of expanded thinking that Kagan’s work resides. It is all about the conceptual, the experimental, the spiritual and the exploratory world of both science and art. Like the search and subsequent discovery of the subatomic particle that holds everything together, the God particle Higgs boson, that the nearly fifty years of faith has finally been rewarded in its confirmation – it’s about finding that element, that thing that holds all the energy together to create form and substance. Most importantly, it is how Kagan represents energy, connecting separate areas with complementary color, shape and value. This is the strength or basis of the content she puts forth." 

Excerpt from essay by D. Dominick Lombardi

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