Sharon Kagan finds and expresses the complexities of the universe in a most benign place. Beginning with a low-light, out-of-focus photograph of a close-up view of knitted yarn, Kagan further expands her options of information and ‘artifacts’ by blowing up these ‘soft’ images, and creating even more confusion and ambiguity in the increased dizzying digitization. From there, the magic of interpretation begins as the artist draws in, and later colors the abstract shapes she selects, making up a new matrix of a loosely converted reality. Like a physicist explaining matter and energy, or a mystic relaying their thoughts on the forces of life and fortune, Kagan constructs her images to reveal an interconnectedness that is as much about the mysteries and movements of life sustaining elements as it is on the subject of form and representation. Viewers are left with questions that produce thought and incite discussion – as art can be as much about extrapolation as it is information – and Kagan keeps the conversation going with great flair and boundless suggestions.

Excerpt from D. Dominick Lombardi, “Free Form Five,” Huffington Post, September 29, 2017

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